Going Public

I keep most things to myself, including thoughts, feelings, and even diagnoses.  But apparently, I am compelled to just tell people I know that I will be going through ECT like it’s a new job announcement. I admit it seem like a display of being self-absorbed or attention-seeking. But maybe this procedure warrants notifying certain people what’s going on.  I think I’ve finally wanted some others to know about my condition and about the ECT because, quite frankly, this ECT is a HUGE event in my life that will alter me in someway that those people will notice.  The ECT is a big deal.

I also find myself bringing up my ECT in order to correct any misperceptions about shock therapy. I do want to put my ‘friendly’ face to a procedure that may sound arcane.  There is a person that changes as the weeks lead into the ECT treatment, during, and then post-treatment.  And how that person is transformed is often not what’s been published.  All people conjure is about the electrical part, and not how that part helped a suicidal patient.  I guess I want to get the truth across.  Carrie Fisher really helped out when she was asked the question about ECT.  The interviewer sounded as though she escaped from an asylum.  She bluntly stated that ECT was the best thing she ever did, and that ECT is not at all like people imagine it to be.  Despite her 4-month memory loss, she says she’d do it again.

Before I act like I’m some face for this procedure, I guess I need to get through them. Maybe I’m just talking because I’ve never met anyone who’s gone through the procedure.  I kind of want to show that people like me are in the mix.

I’ve still not let people know about this web log. Perhaps it’s time to really take it public if I want to walk the walk.


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