Thanks, Heritage Foundation

Countdown to Obama’s inauguration: 12 Days
Countdown to my first ECT treatment: 11 Days

I found yet another reason to dislike the Heritage Foundation.  I can’t believe their blog entry actually compared the Obama/Biden economic stimulus package to ECT, with the comparison being that not only is the practice primitive, it’s been proven harmful.  And that ECT is kind of like Keynesian economics. Oh, and I love the photo of an electric chair they’ve decided to add to their entry.

Perhaps my qualm about Heritage Foundation’s entry seems like another rant by those people who love their political correctness.  But I don’t think that’s it at all. The comparison is simply wrong. If we use the truth about ECT as a basis of this comparison, one could argue that though their stimulus package is controversial and may have been tried in the past, there is an 80% chance that it will succeed.  Really, there was no need for the blogger to try to be so clever for his entry.  Can’t believe ‘electroshock therapy’ is actually one of his metatags.

Then again, I thank the Heritage Foundation  for allowing me to tie our political climate directly in talking about ECT. Finally, I got to talk about ECT without thinking about my mental state.


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