up the amp for hope

We have completed treatment #4. A lot less headaches and aches, but no less relief in the main symptom we’re trying be rid of. My ECT psychiatrist, Dr. J., tells me that no change at this point is still within the normal range, though he did increase the electrical voltage that went through my head.  Apparently, my Friday’s seizure was a little too short in duration. I told him my mood barometer question is to ask about Barack Obama or something political. I don’t think I can give him the answer he and I are both hoping to hear out of my mouth and heart yet, but I’ll get there soon, I hope. I continue to be amazed by how tightly the whole operation’s run. I think the smoothness of the procedure is what keeps my hopes up and not mind too much about returning for more every other day. (As I write this, I realize that I might mind the huge medical bill that will come as a result of additional treatments. Each ECT treatment costs around $2000, pre-insurance.)

On a random note, there’s one thing I find peculiar about Parthenon Pavilion’s ECT waiting room for families.  I don’t know why, but from the collection of magazines in the room, all ECT patients and families must be gun enthusiasts, outdoorsmen or game hunters.  I’ve never seen this many back issues of Field & Stream, American Hunter and Arizona Highways.  I had no idea that a large percentage of these readers are also prone to receiving ECT. And if that’s not the case, who in the world decided that magazines that talk about killing animals would be the best literature for an ECT waiting room? I’m tempted to gather up some Cat Fancy, Martha Stewart Living and Cosmopolitan and place them in that room.


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