“Good Seizure!”

Finally! When one of the nurses said those words to me, I was just coming out of the post-anesthesia haze and didn’t quite know what that meant. As I was later getting wheeled out to gather my things, I noticed in my hands some papers which had checked off my mood (“pleasant”), affect (“flat”), etc. But in the slot to fill in the duration of seizure, there it was: 29 seconds. In the APA guidelines, a seizure is considered ‘good’ when the duration is more than 25 seconds.  In the past five seizures, I was only able to sustain less than 20 seconds, a weak response.  This titration exercise is finally starting to mean something. I hope these “good seizures” will ultimately result in the actual desired outcome. Of course, now that this titration is coming to fruition, my ECT doc, Dr. J, foreshadowed the storm that will probably come down starting next week, and by that, he means post-ECT memory issues.

Nevertheless, those two words by Marianne were the best two words I heard since the treatment started.


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