Steelers v. I can’t remember…

ECT #7 and the beginning of bilateral ECT. Dr. J. informed me prior to today’s treatment that he was going to pick up the pace since we need to see more improvement. I obviously consented. And then my anesthesiologist put me under (By the way, I can’t believe how smoothly that’s done)…

And then I woke up. Every other treatment, I come wide awake that even the nurse manager commented on how alert I am after each session.  Well, as predicted, this time around I even couldn’t remember what it is that I remembered. I overheard some people in the room talking about the Super Bowl, and I thought to myself, “Who played in the Super Bowl?” (I eventually remembered.) When I was wheeled back to the prep room, amidst the haziness, I did remember to ask one important result: the length of the seizure was 29 seconds, another solid seizure.

I’ve been consistent about calling my friend and mentor after each ECT. Today, I didn’t even realize I’ve had that ritual until I saw my “recent calls” roster in my cell phone. Needless to say, I called her, and we had a good laugh. We are just going to assume things are hopefully looking up. I must admit I now understand why I am not allowed to drive now or for two weeks after my last treatment. As my mother drove us back home, the roads, though I know should be familiar, looked so confusing. Really, I’m not complaining. Most of the memory’s back now, and I would take this any day if it means I get to have my life back.

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