driver’s ed., revisited

Two weeks have elapsed since my very last ECT treatment, which means today is the first day I am allowed to learn to drive again with a ‘driving instructor’ by my side. It has been nearly two months, and as I got into the driver seat, I felt like that sixteen-year-old with your mom-the-instructor freaking out in the passenger seat even before you touch the gas pedal.

My first driving session included driving around my condo parking lot and going down the block to drop off a package at the post office. Thankfully, my head still recognized those blinking red, yellow and green lights hanging above the road and that red, octagonal sign that seem to be around every now and then. I think the potential challenges may come about once I begin actually to try driving to certain destinations. My psychiatric hospital is around ten minutes away from my home, and I have been to that hospital fifteen times in the last two months (and several more times in other years). But don’t ask me for directions.

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