this post is about terrell owens

The following really has nothing to do with ECT, but this news did enter my life today and gave me a break from having to think about everything that’s going around.

There are other things of value to talk about here, but I just have to put this bit of info down.

Terrell Owens is going to Buffalo?

TO inked a 1-year, $6.5 million deal with the Buffalo Bills today. I guess I had never imagined him in a cowboy outfit (as in boots and a cowboy hat. He did look good as a Dallas Cowboy). But can you see TO in some ear muffs, a giant down coat, a scarf, all bundled up? Not to mention the fact that the Bills do not have the greatest looking football uniform. I will miss TO saying, “Tony Romo is my quarterback,” while fighting back tears. But I am glad Drew Rosenhaus got him a job.

Still, doesn’t it sound funny to say: “TO’s a Bill”?

Okay, break’s over. I should go back to talking about my life again….


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