Examining life through the lens of the Sopranos (prologue)

My mother is leaving on Sunday. She’s, in that last 2+ months, decided that the Sopranos is her favorite television series ever. So, I handed her the Sopranos complete series DVD set sort of as a thank-you gift. Because you can’t watch those DVDs in Japan (regionalism), it’s been like some Sopranos marathon at our house. Maybe it’s because I’ve already seen much of the series before and can pay attention more to the nuances this time, but the little scenes, conversations, etc. now have begun to unearth similar scenes from my own life episodes, ranging from those benign ones to others that are a bit disturbing.

Obviously, all the ‘shrinkage’ scenes between Tony and his psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Melfi get me thinking about my relationship with my own Dr. Melfi. (Btw.watching their sessions repeatedly also made me realize that I somehow memorized the wrong date and missed my own Dr. Melfi appointment this past week. Not that I would die without it right now – and thank goodness that’s not how I feel -but this isn’t the time to miss these appointments. )

Tony saw Dr. Melfi for six seasons; Dr. A, my Dr. Melfi, has been my psychiatrist nearly every week for almost six years. Their conversations have certainly stirred up the ones I’ve had in Dr. A’s office, though rest assured I’ve never had to make her relocate her practice to a motel room, break her table or threaten her.

And I must continue this journal entry later. This laptop doesn’t seem to enjoy the act of someone typing on it…


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