David Frum and the elliptical: the Abilify for the week

There’s been a TV commercial running where this person says that s/he’s been taking antidepressants but not all of his/her symptoms have been alleviated. The narrator then suggests that they should ask their doctor if s/he could add Abilify to their drug regimen. I would be tempted to ask my doctor for this seemingly miracle drug, too, except I was prescribed Abilify six years ago when it was only labeled as an anti-schizophrenic. Within hours of taking it, I almost collapsed at work. I hate this drug (for me; I’m genuinely glad for anyone who has had success with it), and these TV spots and their print ads remind me just how horrible I felt that day I took that medication.

Nonetheless, this week so far is making me wish that Abilify was right for me. But I’ve found a temporary non-prescribed antidepressant add-on for the week: David Frum and the elliptical. I finally got to read that article in Newsweek written by David Frum about why Rush Limbaugh is not the answer to their party’s current problems. It was so well-written, so much so that in fact, David Frum’s arguments made me think for a moment that maybe I could join the conservatives. Then again, I’ve been infatuated with Tucker Carlson for a long time, but I am an actual card-carrying Dem.

I will also admit that I’m starting to understand why people are into exercising regularly. I still might be using that elliptical time only so I can catch up on some reading, but those 30 minutes do feel pretty good during that time.

3 Responses to “David Frum and the elliptical: the Abilify for the week”

  1. It’s great that you are passionate politically. I did the teeniest weeniest bit of canvassing for Obama and felt so happy when he won. I actually went to the Mall with the crowd on that concert Sunday. Otherwise, I’m pretty dead. I’m on the margin again.
    Abilify helped me a bit with concentration. Eventually, I let it go because of severe GI troubles. I wonder if I can try adding it now. Although my decision to stop will not be certain until I talk to the doctors, I am thinking that whenever I do stop, I must have benefitted some. I sensed the benefits from ECT, all the while as I hurt from the headaches. My meds may work better now too.

  2. I,too, am hoping that just having done ECT (successful or not) would reopen some options for me medication-wise.


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