Abilify: The Abilify for the week

Though I commented in an entry last week how much I did not like Abilify, it seems that time has come for me to give it a second chance.

I need to find another mood stabilizer for the long haul. Though there are many on the market, weight gain is a huge side effect in a lot of them. A good personal example: I gained what equaled to about 20-25% of the initial body weight within the first three months that I took Depakote. Since it’s been six years since the first Abilify and ECT sometimes changes the way one reacts to medication, I’ve agreed to try Abilify at 1mg per day.

So, Abilify really is my Abilify for the week. Dr. A (my great Dr. Melfi) and I are trying to assess my response to the ECT -and whether a maintenance ECT (one little spark each month) should be an option to consider in the long term.


5 Responses to “Abilify: The Abilify for the week”

  1. What were your side effects? I had uncontrollable spasms of my neck, head and eyes…

  2. I can’t remember what side effects I had the first time I took Abilify. This time around, the only real problem was that I got incredibly sleepy/tired, so I take it at night time. I’ve had bad side effects from other drugs, though.

    Were you able to switch to other medication?

  3. Not yet. Seeing consultant on Monday. TBH I don’t want to switch, Seroquel made me put on loads of weight.

    Can you recommend anything?

  4. Seroquel helps me during hypomania, but both Seroquel and Depakote made me gain lots of weight, too.

    Have you tried Lamictal, lithium or Zyprexa? I’m not in a position to recommend anything, but I do remember that Zyprexa made me stop cutting myself in a short amount of time.


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