ECT Lessons-I’ve-Learned #2: Wear a short-sleeved t-shirt

I don’t know if this is allowed at all ECT programs, so please check with your respective hospitals about the following.

Maybe this stuff doesn’t matter to everyone. It’s one of those things that made my life a little easier every time I went to the hospital.  After all, I had to do the same routine 15 times. Anyway, the one thing my nurse told me was that I didn’t have to strip down and change into only a hospital gown if my top was short-sleeved or no-sleeved. The reasoning for the short-sleeve deal is so that the nurses will to be able to put the catheter in your arm.  I still had to wear a gown over my shirt, but it felt  a little bit more casual to get to wear my own clothing.

A totally random tip, but not having to strip down every time I went to ECT was kind of nice. The rest of the time isn’t all that fun, so why not make some things easier for yourself?

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2 Responses to “ECT Lessons-I’ve-Learned #2: Wear a short-sleeved t-shirt”

  1. Similarly, I found I could keep my pants on under the gown — that really helped me feel a bit less powerless. I just didn’t tell them the first few times, then when the nurse questioned it on a later occasion, I said, oh, I’ve been doing that all along, I’m sure it’s okay. Every little bit of normalcy helps.


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