The official color of mental health

Pink = breast cancer awareness
Yellow = livestrong cancer awareness
Red = Stephen Colbert wrist awareness

Every cause has a a color and a month that correlates with the respective issue, so obviously, the topic of mental health/illness would have such color and months.  Well, who knew that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Maybe I just haven’t been following the news but I haven’t heard much about this month in the news. Accompanying this month also involves a National Anxieties Disorders Day.

Though May might be the ‘official month’ for mental health awareness, there are other times to celebrate during the year. October is Mental Illness Awareness Week, which involves a National Depression Screening Day. As for the rest of the world, there is World mental illness day is in October.

Want to start raising awareness about mental health by wearing a ribbon? The color is GREEN….unless if you look up under the ‘mental illness’ category, in which case, the alternate color is gray. Great. We can’t even agree on a color.

Ribbons, ribbon-shaped bumper stickers and charity-event shirts are found everywhere these days. But how many of us have seen a green ribbon pinned to a woman’s blouse collar, or an SUV with a green ribbon-magnet stuck next to his sport team sticker? This all may sound trivial and silly. I mean, a green ribbon could represent a whole slew of other illnesses. However, the lack of awareness on our part in these symbols indicate that we are nowhere close to bringing awareness about the topic of mental health in general. And such dearth of public recognition translates to the fact that there’s less funding for research in this field.

I found a scrap of green ribbon tonight, so I made a little loop and stuck it on my bulletin board. It may mean absolutely nothing, but when I looked at it, I thought, “I’m not just supporting the cause. I’ve survived it so I can support the cause.”

Let us learn from the other ‘ribbon’ organizations.


5 Comments to “The official color of mental health”

  1. I am so behind you on this. I want and need to do more for this.

  2. Do you know what the official ribbon colour is for awareness of psychiatric abuse?

  3. we need more of this out ther for people to know about because i am one of them and it is fight you have to keep fighting

  4. Reblogged this on Crazy Good Parent and commented:
    Get the green out! No, not an Irish holiday. October has a few opportunities to bring awareness to mental health issues. So, drop the pink for a day or two, and show your support to end stigma.

  5. Great article! As humans, we should be aware of the different diseases out there. Maybe it would help us judge less if we knew that everyone has problems. Some are very serious. Some aren’t. There’s always someone worse off than you, and there’s always someone better off than you. That’s why we are supposed to treat others as we wish to be treated.

    Here’s some other ribbon color info:
    Yellow is bone cancer awareness
    Gold is childhood cancer awareness
    Red is heart disease
    Purple is all cancers
    White is lung cancer
    Blue is colorectal cancer
    Teal is ovarian cancer
    Amber is appendix cancer (who knew!)
    Grey is brain cancer
    Orange is leukemia & kidney cancer
    Emerald green is liver cancer
    Lymphoma is lime green
    Black is melanoma

    Orchid is testicular cancer (probably why Armstrong went with yellow instead)

    PLUM is for ALL Caregivers. Bless each and every one of them!

    Wikipedia has a list of most of the ribbon colors.

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