a death of someone I knew

On the masthead of a publication we used to work on in college, our names were listed side-by-side. Her name was Allison Oubre. Lt. Allison Oubre.

She was one of the nicest and most pleasant people I had met through the publication. I guess we had never talked too much about our personal lives. We sometimes drank together at a friend’s dorm room, but we certainly had fun working together our entire senior year.  I didn’t know it was her lifelong dream to become a helicopter pilot until I got a call a few days ago.

A friend called to let me know that Lt. Oubre was among the six crew members killed in a Navy helicopter crash on May 19 in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego.  She was the co-pilot of this training mission. According to my friend, she had already served our country in the Middle East. Her wedding was scheduled for next month.

I keep thinking about her and her family. How relieved they must have been after her tour in the Middle East was over. How excited she must have been for her June wedding. How she still must have had that great smile I always remember about her.

We have lost a wonderful person. This world will miss Lt. Allison Oubre.


One Comment to “a death of someone I knew”

  1. Hi. I’m writing an article in tribute to Allison for the upcoming issue of Vanderbilt’s Orbis– the publication I’m assuming you worked for with Allison. I’m really hoping to speak with as many people who knew her as I can. As you know, Allison was both a Vandy Grad and a fellow Orbisier and I really believe it’s Orbis’s duty to pay tribute to her. Unfortunately, my deadline’s this Friday, but I’d love to hear from you. If you could email me with an anecdote or two (or even just something small that you remember about her character- anything,) a clarification of the context in which you knew her, and your name and class, I’d greatly appreciate it. If you need an extra day, please just email me and I can hold the article until Saturday afternoon. Thanks in advance! – Allie

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