Why study for the GRE? So I can understand Bill Maher (no joke!)

Instead of going through some more of the GRE stuff tonight, I watched “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO. It turned out to be a good call. During the show, Bill Maher commented on how garrulous Larry King (his first guest) is when he’s not on his own show, and then jokes to Chris Matthews, one of tonight’s panelists, that Matthews is always garrulous.

Garrulous? It means loquacious, or talkative, even talking a little too much. How did I know what Bill Maher meant by ‘garrulous’ in the first place? It’s all thanks to having been going over my GRE vocabulary. (I think I actually had to learn that word in high school, but I didn’t remember what it meant until I saw it again in the last two weeks.) I honestly wouldn’t have known what he meant had I not been semi-studying for the exam.

Thanks, Bill. It was confirmation that learning these words for the GRE actually will pay off, even in understanding late night comedians. I guess I should get back to my vocabulary flash cards….or maybe I’ll watch some Dave and Craig. You never know if they’ll toss out a word that I might need to know.

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