I miss Tim Russert.

Every Sunday I watched ‘Meet the Press’ to be marveled by Tim Russert. I admired him. He’d pose questions in a way that would make even the most experienced politicians stammer.  While I was working for a publication a few years ago, an opportunity came when I got to interview a gubernatorial candidate. I remember telling my editor in preparing for that interview, “I want to be like Tim Russert.”

But his interview skills weren’t the only part that drew me to the program. It was the essence, the spirit, of Mr. Russert himself that made the show more special than just those incisive questions. I always loved it when he’d insert a little shout-out to his favorite sports teams right at the end of the show. “If It’s Sunday, It’s Meet the Press,” he’d say, and many believed it. And if you couldn’t catch him on Sunday, then there was “The Tim Russert Show” that ran on CNBC on Saturdays. I watched that, too.

It’s been a year since Tim Russert passed away.

I wonder what he would have said on election day last year. Oh, if we could have heard his commentary when Barack Obama became our president. Amidst the flood of political opinion today, there’s still a void in the political journalism front. I still want to hear what Tim Russert would’ve said.


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