ECT #17 (my second maintenance treatment)

Is this how I should feel after ECT? Because if that’s the case, this is pretty good.

Today was another ECT day. Only a few people were getting ECT today, probably because it’s the holidays. When I woke up from the treatment, once again I was unable to remember what month or day it was. In fact, I had totally forgotten that the fourth of July had already past. But as I found out today’s date, I also found out that my seizure lasted for 60 seconds. Finally! In the past, there were many times when I didn’t quite reach the adequate duration of 25 seconds. In one session, they had to shock me twice because the first seizure was so short. It’s kind of odd to be celebrating my seizure length, but I took it as very good news.

And the good news didn’t just end there today. I honestly have felt much better after the treatment. It helped that my doctor had prescribed me some Lortab (hydrocodone/acetominophen) for the really bad headaches. I usually end up taking a really long nap and lounge around my house afterward, but today I felt well enough to accompany my sister to a few stores in the afternoon. I realized I wasn’t imagining my emotional state when I spoke to Robin, my professor/friend, on the phone and she thought I sounded “upbeat.” Upbeat. That word hasn’t been used to describe me in a long time.

Even if this mood doesn’t last, now I know that I have a very good reason to be having maintenance ECT.


4 Comments to “ECT #17 (my second maintenance treatment)”

  1. Hey – just thinking of you today and checked out your blog. Glad you had a “good” day yesterday. I hope you have more in the future!

  2. interesting about the date ting. Im having my first ECT in two weeks, not really nervous becasue of the anethsetic, but am worried about confusion and not knowing what going on after. How long does it last?

  3. twodogselectrified- the date thing only lasted until someone told me what day it was. I didn’t have this particular problem when I first started ECT in late January (my entries from then does go through the type of memory loss I had back then, e.g. having trouble speaking Japanese). When my initial 15 treatments were over, everything pretty much returned to normal. I don’t recall being confused about what I was doing when I wake up from the anesthesia… Looking back on it, I had very few problems with memory/confusion/cognition.

    Thanks for the question. Please feel free to ask me anything else.

  4. I had it, it was awesome, and I’d do it all over again. Except I developed tolerance to it quickly, and they had to keep cranking up the juice. Lifesaver. Awesome!

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