The Bell Jar: a reason why we love America?

My sister and I are on our way to Santa Barbara, Cali. We’re meeting our father there since he has some sort of a conference down there. While I brought my own stuff to do in the airplane, I picked up my sister’s copy of this month’s Marie Claire, mostly so I could find some picture to draw. While flipping through the pages I came upon an article entitled, "50 reasons we love America." The article lists a lot of random things like labradoodles, but then there is was, in #25, The Bell Jar (they even included the cover pic). The Bell Jar? As much as I love that book, have I ever considered that book to be one of the reasons why I love America? I’d really like to know why it is that we would love this country because of this particular novel. I mean, I owe a great deal to Sylvia Plath for inspiring me to keep such a confessional log of events, but would I say that the book, and by extension, Plath, is one of the very reasons that make America so great? Maybe I’ll think on it during the next plane ride before I give my concrete answer.

One Comment to “The Bell Jar: a reason why we love America?”

  1. Um, that article also listed reasons:
    “Wet n Wild – 22 shades of nailpolish, all 99 cents a pop!”
    “ponytails through baseball caps”.

    btw, glad you are doing better. :-)

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