the center cannot hold (and maybe that’s okay)

It’s been about two weeks since my last ‘little spark.’ And today, right before work, I wished that tomorrow was my date with ECT so that I can go back to feeling like I did two weeks ago. Though it was originally scheduled for tomorrow, I must wait until Thursday since my sister’s not home to take me to and from the hospital.

It’s felt like a slow descent these past 14 days. Was the buoyant mood right after the ECT because of the ECT? Is this dip I’m experiencing only going to be fixed only by a shock to the head? Could this just be my being a bit moody?  I don’t really know. What I do know is that today I really wanted to take Xanax, something that I haven’t had the need to take since I started back on maintenance ECT.

Nevertheless, something has caught up with me, and I’m feeling a bit lonely and overwhelmed. Speaking with my mother this evening, she expressed her concern for having to go through this on a constant basis. First, does she understand that she’ll probably have a dead daughter without it? Second, I honestly think that ECT is a quick and somewhat simple procedure. It’s my own fault for not explaining maintenance ECT to my parents, but regardless of how much talking I do, I gather that they will never quite feel comfortable with my choice to have ECT, or my choice to have any sort of psychiatric treatment at all.

Tears are now welling up for first time in weeks. I’m not sure why I’m crying, but I think I just want to let go. My tightly-wound facade that I’ve created for myself has got to come down in order for everything to be built back up again.

It’s a good thing my therapy with Dr. A is in two days.

2 Comments to “the center cannot hold (and maybe that’s okay)”

  1. Did this really work for you? My mother had this in the 1970’s and she ended up killing herself any ways. I suffer from sever depression and was just looking some stuff up on this topic and came across your blog.

  2. In a word, yes. Though I may have been a little upset when I wrote this entry, the level of depression I’ve experienced recently is nothing compared to the wrath of depression I was in before ECT. And I hope and think my decision to have maintenance ECT will prevent me from having a total relapse. We’ll see what happens…

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