weekend (non)happenings

Perhaps nothing happened this weekend that’s worth noting, which is why I’ve stared at this laptop screen since Thursday with no success of being able to put together a single sentence. Well, Mom, sister and I did go see “Julie and Julia” on Friday. The movie is based on two stories, one about Julia Child, and the other about Julie Powell, an office worker who starts a blog as she attempts to cook all the recipes in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” in 365 days. In those 365 days, Julie succeeds in her task, and thus putting an end to her blog. This made me wonder something about my little blog. Is there ever going to be an end to my ECT journal, or at least the ECT part? Now that the maintenance ECT has started, what once ended at just those 15 treatments early in the year has turned into to something with apparently no end in sight. In Max Fink, M.D.’s book “Electroshock: Healing Mental Illness,” Fink states that the length one goes through continuation ECT isn’t so bad, considering “that psychotropic drugs for mental disorders are usually prescribed for years.” But he does note that the number of treatments is rarely fewer than six and could go on for months or years. I am not worried about how many treatments I’ll be having, but now that I’m coming up on my twentieth, there’s a sense of curiosity about where this is all going.

Maybe I’m wondering these things because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the last ECT for some reason this weekend. I was at work yesterday, and all I could think about was about my recent treatment at the hospital: how it felt, how it smelled, what Dr. F looks like, etc. they all keep flooding my head. On top of that, where the conducting gel was on my head (by both my temples) still itches.

So, I obviously have nothing of importance to write about this weekend, except to note that my mother did go back to the homeland (in time for her own health check-up).  Hope I get my thought process and writing skills back soon. In the mean time, I guess I will watch the ‘Mad Men’ marathon that’s been on AMC in anticipation of the start of the new season.


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