on prozac

Right after each maintenance treatment, I’ve felt an immediate boost of joy, except for this time around for some reason. Instead, the day was filled with nausea and dullness (perhaps from the lortab). And as this week dragged on, I’ve felt incredibly tired, and neither sleep nor sitting on the couch felt relaxing. Taking a shower or putting on some make-up became such a chore. I couldn’t think. I hate to say it, but it felt like depression.

So, when I saw Dr. A, my psychiatrist/therapist, for the first time in three weeks, I found myself having to tell her how horrible I felt rather than how much benefit I was getting from the ECT. After looking at my current drug list, she prescribed me fluoxetine – more affectionately known as Prozac.

Though I have been on 20+ medications over the last seven years, the one drug that I had never encountered in my treatment, until now, was Prozac. It’s pretty interesting since this SSRI has been around in the US since 1987 and 22.2 million generic prescriptions were filled in 2007, making it the third-most prescribed antidepressant. I also find it a bit odd that I can say I tried ECT before I tried Prozac. (Although there is a reason for it. For those with bipolar disorder, there’s a potential of causing mania, which will be hard to reverse because the half-life of fluoxetine is so long.)

So, I’m on Prozac. In addition to writing that Rx, Dr. A did suggest that a more consistent exercise schedule might help out. It’s something I know does ease depression symptoms but have been a bit lax about getting enough. So, I’ll try Prozac, get back on that elliptical, and hope for the better. I refuse to feel bad for no reason.


2 Responses to “on prozac”

  1. I actually just started taking Prozac and I intend to blog my personal experience with it warts and all



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