Depression Treatment Breakthroughs, Beyond ECT-

I found this article Beyond Prozac – Depression Treatment Breakthroughs, written by Tim Jarvis, on It highlights the newest treatments coming to possible availability, such as magnetic seizure therapy (MST), where a seizure is induced by a magnetic field rather than by electricity. The article  also discusses DBS, “brain implants that work like pacemakers to keep a lagging neural area up to speed.” Apparently, ketamine, the anesthetic, is being investigated as another viable treatment for depression (It’s noted that a small dose snapped people out of depression almost instantly).

And people think ECT is the only “radical” treatment out there.

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One Comment to “Depression Treatment Breakthroughs, Beyond ECT-”

  1. I was at a conference last week, and one of the speakers was talking about DBS. He had been running a trial on DBS for depression, and he mentioned that many patients wanted to sign up to get DBS, who had never had ECT, because they refused to have it.

    As he said, it’s kinda strange that people are more comfortable about major brain surgery and having a wire in their head for the rest of their lives, than ECT…

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