Study: Asian-American women most likely to think about, attempt suicide

My friend Tom sent me a fascinating blog post from According to a new research by University of Washington (published in the Archives of Suicide Research), the study found that  “15.93 percent of U.S.-born Asian-American women have contemplated suicide in their lifetime, exceeding national estimates of 13.5 percent for all Americans.  Lifetime estimates of suicide attempts also were higher among U.S-born Asian-American women than the general population, 6.29 percent vs. 4.6 percent.”

The blog post gives some insight into growing up an Asian-American girl:

“Growing up, there was no such thing as ‘depression.’…. If you really think you have problems, could you please keep quiet about them? Better not to advertise your own failure. Best to keep silent, lock up those feelings in shame, and, while you’re at it, lose a few pounds, your moonface is starting to look fat.”

It’s really quite disturbing to think that so many Asian-American women are able to relate to this above excerpt and the rest of that post. What’s going on here? I had written about these ‘Asian family secrets‘ in the past that echos the sentiments expressed in the post. And what about the illustration? It’s probably not a good thing that I see a part of myself in that little girl.

(more to come on this topic. I can’t quite get my head together to write my perspective on this matter…)


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