entering a fantasy (football) world

Right before work, I headed to the bookstore.  I’m surrounded by hundreds of fascinating literary works, but they do not interest me today. Instead I made my way to the magazine section where I perused through what seemed like countless fantasy football draft guides. Yes, I am playing fantasy football.

I took up on my friend Duncan’s invitation to try NFL fantasy football this season. I’ve liked watching NFL football on television for years, but it’s my very first time joining a fantasy league. As I get ready for my first draft, I am starting to find out just how complicated and time-consuming this whole task might become. On the surface, it seems like an activity suited for those beer-drinking guys who proudly own and wear their favorite player’s jerseys on game days, or perhaps a way to take up some work-time among office co-workers. And well, that may be true to a certain extent. According to an article in Time, on average, fantasy-football players spend five hours a week managing their teams, and fantasy football wastes $9 billion out of workplace productivity. Despite the Recession, the trophy business is churning out more and more “I’m better than you” trophies.

But I see it another way. In the league that I joined, a majority of the ‘owners’ all graduated from the same high school. I have not contacted most of them since we left in 1999. For at least the next four months, I will have to stay connected with these friends on a weekly basis. Which is a pretty good thing for a gal that’s been told she needs to be in touch with more people. For me, fantasy football will serve as a catalyst of sorts to bring these long lost friends together.

So, maybe I will be watching more football and ESPN than I really should, and maybe I’ll be spending even more time on the computer to obsessively check on individual player stats. But just maybe, this is my way of learning how to connect with people – by trying to kick their butts every weekend.


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