Life is a big Zoloft Ball….


yay, parties!

Here’s a Zoloft-ball ad from a little while ago:

So, I used to make fun of this ad, because the ball just becomes almost magically happy immediately after being touched by Zoloft. But now that I re-read this ad, I realize that there’s something else that almost never happens, at least it never happened to me. First of all, I never thought about which drug would be right for me before seeing a doctor. I never even thought to self-diagnose myself and then choose which drug I might want to take for that condition. Moreover, since when did the first drug we try ever become the magic cure for us? I’ve tried at least 20 medications in countless combinations, and I don’t expect the current combo to sustain me for the long run. Treating depression was never this easy, at least not in my own experience.

By the way, where did the Zoloft ball go? Lately all I’ve seen on the television has been are that creepy wind-up doll (Pristiq) and that montage of depressed people (Cymbalta).


3 Responses to “Life is a big Zoloft Ball….”

  1. I’ve posted about the creepy wind-up Prstiq ad on my blog – I’m going to add your page to my blogroll right away :)

  2. Thanks :) Btw, I’m also a MA student in sociology


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