Within the Confines


This is so obviously not a good or exciting photo. It’s quite boring.  But I’m posting it here because I took this photo within the locked doors of a psych hospital. I was taken to what I would call a ‘holding area,’ where you might first be taken to when they have to process some paperwork. I was waiting on some papers when I realized I had my phone with me. So, before anyone could catch me with the phone, I snapped the photo (I don’t think I’m allowed to have a phone in there). If I can get my nerve up to just hold that camera-phone up in the corridors, I will do it. I like to keep a record of my ‘travels’ with some photos. I would love to get photos from my ECT…

2 Comments to “Within the Confines”

  1. I think it’s one of the most evocative photos I’ve seen in a blog. It reminds me of the photographer Taryn Simon, who also photographs secret places.

  2. Thank you. and thanks for letting me know about Taryn Simon.

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