On TV this month: Minds on the Edge

I admit I watch a lot of television, most which probably has little to no educational value (though I enjoy those programs immensely).  But a program I hope to catch on PBS this month should provide both educational value and further personal insight into the world of mental illness.

This month, PBS is airing a program, Minds on the Edge:Facing Mental Illness, which “effectively illuminates challenging ethical issues as well as systemic flaws in program and policy design, service coordination, and resource allocation that are contributing to a mental health system that is widely acknowledged to be broken.”  Minds on the Edge isn’t just a TV program; it’s really a multi-media presentation that includes an accompanying web site www.mindsontheedge.com, as well as a nation-wide strategy to distribute a DVD about mental illness to civic organizations, professional associations and government agencies.  Here’s the TV Schedule.

One of the manifestations of our illness is that we feel so alone, but the story told on the program shows that we are not at all alone in this.


One Comment to “On TV this month: Minds on the Edge”

  1. Thanks for listings. Will watch. New to your blog and appreciate it very much.

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