Pre-schoolers get anti-depression skills in Australia

Australia’s federal government is putting in $18.7 million for a new depression program, KidsMatter early childhood program. KidsMatter “aims to improve the mental health and well being of children, reduce mental health problems amongst children, and achieve greater support for children experiencing mental health difficulties, and their families. It includes KidsMatter Early Childhood, designed for implementation in preschools and long day care; and KidsMatter Primary Schools, designed for implementation in Australian primary schools.” (KidsMatter website)

Here’s a news article.

According to a report in the American Medical Association, preschool children now seem to create the leading growth market in the use of antidepressants. The direction that Australia and its government is taking sound like a pragmatic and important step in not just talking about how we should stop ‘quick fixes’ for emotional ‘problems’ among children. As an adult, I’ve been told and have read about the whole-person/multi-dimentional approach to living a healthy life.  We learn early on to put a band-aid when we get a cut so that it will help with the healing. What do we need to do when we get an emotional cut? I think it’s great that kids in Australia are getting to learn about taking care of your whole self.


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