Behind these doors


Once again, I snapped this picture with my cell phone. It’s not an exciting photo, but it does have some meaning to me. These are the doors that leads you to the inside of the psychiatric hospital. It’s locked at all times; only the receptionist can let you in or out.

I’ve been through these doors more than a few times and know what’s beyond them. But every time I come to the front of that door to be let in, I get a little nervous. Maybe I still remember the first time I was led through this entrance.


2 Comments to “Behind these doors”

  1. i have a few of these photos myself…

    in about a month i will be going to a residential psychiatric hospital and i will get a 12-week treatment of ECT. i started a blog and then bought a URL to keep track of it all and make people laugh.

    your site is incredible, and i am so excited to read more of your entries.


  2. Jenna, thanks for reading and thank you, also, for letting me know about your site.

    Best wishes, and hope we keep in touch.

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