back from the vet

This morning I got to bring my buddy home. He has to wear that lampshade on his head for another ten days until his stitches get taken out, and they had to shave various parts of him so he’s missing chunks of fur. But it’s just so good to see my baby next to me on the couch. I guess he’s a bit worn out or perhaps feels a bit relaxed now that he’s back to his favorite spot on the couch instead of in a metal cage; he’s sleeping soundly as he purrs loudly.

So, today’s entry originally had nothing to do with mental health issues. However, as I thought about it, I was reminded just how much this kitty contributes to my mental well-being each and every day. As I look at him, I can’t help but smile and be thankful that he is in my life. I’m sure many people with animal companions have the same reaction when they think about their pets. On the Humane Society web site, there’s a page on How Pets Help People. The NIH has a rather long page on the health benefits of pets. The Discovery Health channel had a TV program called: Pets and People: The Power of the Health Connection. All these links are interesting, but I suppose pet owners already know how much our animal buddies mean to us and how much better our lives are because of them.

The surgery cost quite a lot, seeing that a cat weighs about 11 pounds. But then, in regards to the cost, my father said to me, “Well, he’s family.” Yes, he sure is a part of our family, and I am so glad he is back home.


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