‘is your cat depressed?’


last night at the vet

I had to take my cat Simon back to the vet (the emergency clinic, to be exact) last night because he hadn’t urinated all day and began to vocalize some sort of pain. Because the emergency clinic is in the same location as the daytime place where he had the surgery, the nighttime staff already knew Simon –and Simon already knew them. As soon as we sat down to wait our turn, he decided to pee in the carrier. Though that may be upsetting to some, I was actually relieved since the type of surgery he had was to allow him to urinate on his own again.

Though his main issue was resolved in the carrier, we saw the veterinarian anyway. As she checked on him, she asked me, “Does he seem depressed to you?” I burst out a bit of a laughter, not necessarily because I found the question to be funny. I immediately thought to myself, could I have infected my cat with my illness?, and am I not the only one who’s depressed in this house? I’m sure the vet had no clue why I would start chuckling over a serious question about my cat’s health. She obviously wouldn’t know what that question means to me, and I just never thought that question would be asked in regards to someone else other than myself. I composed myself and told her that I didn’t think the cat was depressed. He got some anti-inflammatory meds and fluids injected in him, and we went back home.

In case anyone wondered, here’s a ‘cat depression checklist.‘ Also, Purina has a short article on how to help a depressed cat. Among other things, one option is to feed it antidepressants.

It would be really strange if my cat and I started sharing the same prescription…


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