Newsweek on Men and Depression

NEWSWEEK has done an amazing job in covering the topic of  men and depression. Most of these articles/videos/etc. were published two years ago, but they are well worth checking out.

Men & Depression: Facing Darkness
“Six million American men will be diagnosed with depression this year. But millions more suffer silently, unaware that their problem has a name or unwilling to seek treatment…Although depression is emotionally crippling and has numerous medical implications—some of them deadly—many men fail to recognize the symptoms. Instead of talking about their feelings, men may mask them with alcohol, drug abuse, gambling, anger or by becoming workaholics. And even when they do realize they have a problem, men often view asking for help as an admission of weakness, a betrayal of their male identities.”

Mind Of A Man: Stop Pretending Nothing’s Wrong
It’s Hard For Men To Admit Or Even Recognize Their Own Depression. How To Get Help

Video: Men & Depression: The Silent Scourge

Understanding Male Post-Partum Depression
An expert on why fathers can also become depressed after the birth of a child, and what couples can do about it.

Video: Depressed Men

They also have a link that lists some depression resources.


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