Depression Simmers in Japan’s Culture of Stoicism – The New York Times

The following article from The New York Times, “Depression Simmers in Japan’s Culture of Stoicism.” is not a new one, but explores a topic that I experience firsthand.

Many experts say the biggest barrier to treatment is the sense of shame about psychological conditions, which some liken to the way depression was whispered about darkly in the United States in the 1950’s, in the era of shock therapy…..When Japanese experience depression, doctors say, they prefer to imagine something is wrong with their character rather than their heads, and a cultural impulse known as ”gaman,” or the will to endure, takes precedence over medical care.

I don’t know exactly how to tackle this topic. And in order for me to discuss this topic in a cogent manner, I need a little more time to think. So, I’ll leave this post with a link to this article and write my take on it in the near future.


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