Chronically Depressed? What to Do When Antidepressants Don’t Work – US News and World Report

Click here for video on depression

The article,“Chronically Depressed? What to Do When Antidepressants Don’t Work on US News and World Report, talks about CBT, DBS and exercise as ways of getting rid of treatment-resistant/medication-resistant depression, but the author mainly talks about electroconvulsive therapy. Of course, the article is still full of the usual side effects and caveats that are pointed out about ECT, but I’m just glad someone’s talking about ECT as credible treatment in a recent article (this one came out this month).

US News had another article in April, Depressed and Coping: Treating Depression when Medication Fails, that covers more of the lifestyle changes one can make in helping relieve one’s depression. It basically tells me to: sleep well, exercise, take fish oil supplements, be social, get some light, among other things. In between the ECT, I should try these suggestions, not because it’ll alleviate the depression but because I need to be doing things like exercising anyway. And it’s a beautiful day today. Perhaps I should go enjoy the light instead of being in front of my laptop (Well, I have class today, but it’s not for another few hours).


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