Giving thanks

In a blog post on–Being grateful: Giving thanks helps with depression, Dr. Melin suggests “that you write down three things each day that you’re thankful for. This can be three sentences or three words, the simpler the better. Keep paper or a journal by your bedside and jot in it daily. This can be at bedtime or in the morning, whichever works best for you.”


Since I’m posting this tip, I should actually write down three things I’m thankful for right now.
Today, I’m thankful for….
1) My friend/professor Robin. She brought over some lunch today, and we got to chat for a while. I feel a lot more rejuvenated after our conversation, and I now feel like I can get through the rest of this month.

2) My cat Simon. I am so glad he is my buddy. It’s been about a month since his surgery, and he seems to be doing well.

3) NFL. Without it, I wouldn’t have a paper topic. And I also love watching the game (when I should be researching for that paper).




2 Comments to “Giving thanks”

  1. One of the things I’m grateful for this year–one of the hardest of my life–is my BPD. This month’s issue of The Atlantic has a fabulous article I hope you’ll read:

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