Addressing Mental Health Crisis In Developing Countries

Medical News Today: Counselors Address Mental Health Crisis In Developing Countries.

More than 450 million people around the globe live with unmet mental health care needs. Wake Forest University Counseling Professor Donna Henderson co-developed a training course called the Mental Health Facilitators (MHF) program, with easy-to-follow lessons that helps nonprofessional community volunteers in developing countries respond to mental health issues. MHF was formed by the National Board of Certified Counselors International (NBCC) in response to a request by the World Health Organization to help people in developing countries who have never had access to mental health care. The program sends a team of counselors to towns and villages in other countries to train local people how to recognize mental health issues and make references for professional care. What’s especially neat about this program is that it actually takes into account the cultural differences of the countries. The curriculum can be modified according to the culture of the targeted country.

–Source: Medical News Today


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