oh, ochocinco!

It`s monday morning in Japan, and what am I doing? Watching last week`s CowboysRedskins game on the tv as I am checking Sunday`s football scores on ESPN.com. (I also am looking forward to watching `Inside the NFL` which I don`t even get to watch in US since I don`t have Showtime.) Surely, there are other things to do, but apparently I prefer keeping up with the NFL news rather than important world news (I found myself shouting about the Colts loss…yes, I`m sure that news was of interest to the rest of the family…) I suppose this shows that one part of Amercan culture I hold dear is American Football. I don`t think it`s such a bad thing to want to stare at a bunch of burly men running into each other as they toss around a ball. What`s more American than that?

In all seriousness,I think football allows me to experience an emotion that I seem to not be able to express about other parts of my life. It lets me show to myself that I can feel excitement, even if it is just some sports on tv. For one who remembers losing that ability to enjoy anything (even politics), it`s a pretty big deal. Since the ECT, there`s been a relearning of many emotions, and watching football contributes to this new-found effort to piece myself back together to a whole person, complete with all the emotions that a person should be able to feel.

Well, I`m glad Japan`s fascination with many things American, such as the NFL, is allowing me to enjoy my own American pastime, and by extension, be in touch with my emotions. Yes, watching football = therapy


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