photographic memory

My mother shows me a picture taken of our family at some restaurant as she tells me how much she likes this photo. I nod and tell her how nice it is. As I utter those words, I`m trying to place when this event took place.She tells me that it was taken just this summer while we were on a little trip, but my mind simply isn`t registering this occurrence in the photo.

It`s an odd feeling, to not have the slightest recollection of what I`ve done, even when there is a very visual clue placed in front of me. I suppose this happens to all of us once in a while, but for someone like me who`s gone through ECT, you tend to see that lapse in memory as a result of the `little spark.` I have been very lucky as far as memory loss is concerned, but when you do realize that something just seems to be missing from your memory vault, it serves as a little reminder about what you went through that may have caused that gap. I almost forget that my big set of ECT all happened this year, not in the distant past. But looking at this picture of complete mystery gets me back to realizing what a year it was, even if I don`t actually remember it.

I`m not too worried that I might be missing other chunks of memory from the recent past, but I do wish I could just recall that moment captured in that photograph. It looks like we had a lovely time.


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