The Notebook

Today I got to retire my old journal and took the plastic wrapping off of a new notebook. A black, moleskine-knockoff, I skimmed through the new journal and looked at all the pages filled with just lines. Those crisp sheets of paper, ready to be touched by the ink from a ballpoint pen. It`s kind of like a New Year`s challenge. Will I be able to fill up this new journal? Though I`ve kept a journal for a while, I feel like I am about to start something completely new that I know will take some time and thought to get to the finish line, the last page. Journaling is not always an easy task. Through journaling, I am confronted with feelings I didn`t know I harbored within me. It is a place for me to record the good times but also a place that causes me to reveal the not-so-fun parts about myself. It forces me to look at myself—like a mirror of the soul.And sometimes, like the times when we do not want to look at ourselves in the mirror, we could do without the reflection staring back at us through our own words.

It`s a bit of a daunting task to start this new journal, but I guess what it means is that I am getting to move on to this new part of my life, literally. And proof that I got through whatever it was that I wrote in that old journal.

As long as the words keep coming, I guess it means my life is moving in some way.

Happy New Year.


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