Little Spark`s first birthday

On January 3, this online journal (well, blog) actually celebrated its first birthday (If you’re curious, here’s the first post). I had totally forgotten exactly when I had started this journal, but after a whole year and 300+ posts, the `Little Spark` is still going (Oh, by the way, the subtitle to this blog, which I can`t seem to display on the front page, is `The ECT Chronicles.`). I originally started this blog as some sort of a project that I could keep myself engaged in as I went through ECT, but it`s become much more than just a rambling diary to me. And much more than just a simple project.

Through writing this journal, I have certainly learned more about myself, but also about what`s going on now in the world of mental health. And I`ve encountered people that I would`ve never communicated with otherwise. Thank you to everyone who visits and even actually reads the contents of this journal. I also truly appreciate those who send me encouraging words, either through the comments or in person. They do encourage me to write, not just more but better.

Dante said, `From a little spark bursts a mighty flame.` Though I am not looking to create a ‘mighty flame,’ I hope that this “Little Spark” will continue to sustain its, well, spark, for at least a little while longer.


2 Comments to “Little Spark`s first birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Little Spark. I do believe your spark is much more of a flame, but it does spark others as well! Thank you for all that you give to your blog and the mental health community by sharing.

  2. Thank you so much! I hope I can continue to share and start getting more involved within the mental health community. Thanks for introducing me different avenues.

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