ECT #25 (my 10th maintenance treatment)

Welcome to the 25th electroconvulsive therapy treatment, or to put it in other words, the first ECT of the year. I can hardly believe I’ve had twenty-five treatments –and it sounds like there’s no really any end in sight at the moment. I asked Dr. F, my ECT psychiatrist, when he thought I would be done with ECT, and he said that I’ll be having treatments monthly for few more months, then every six weeks for a while, and after I have it every two months for some time, then maybe I can stop after that. It’s a good thing I was not looking for it to be over anytime soon, because apparently, it won’t be.

Maybe it’s because I took Lortab for the headache, but I’ve been feeling pretty nauseous all afternoon. After ECT though, Nurse J told me today how much happier and more pleasant I become right after treatment. That was good to hear.


3 Comments to “ECT #25 (my 10th maintenance treatment)”

  1. After having gone through 19 ECT treatments myself, I never saw an end in sight, so I just demanded that it stop. I never trusted my doctor’s motivations, after all, he was paid $2500 for each ECT treatment by my insurance company. And in the end, I’m glad that I never had a 20th ECT treatment.

    Although I’ve written about this in “Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania,” you may want to visit my website at

    You may also want to hit on the youtube link titled, “Abilify Kills.” Abilify is perhaps the worst drug I’ve ever taken. Check out the video. Thanks,
    Andy Behrman

  2. That’s the easiest link!

  3. Andy, I definitely know who you are, and your web site is already a link on my page. Also, thanks for the link to the ‘abilify kills’ video.

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