when I grow up, I want to be like Brett Favre

It’s the weekend for NFL divisional playoff games, so I’m watching the NFC divisional game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings. I know I should be doing something more productive than watching large men tackle each other, but I must admit that I enjoy watching football.

Aside from ogling at these men in skin-tight pants, I also enjoy learning something about these guys. One player of interest is Brett Favre, quarterback for the Vikings. Favre is 40 years old while his counterparts are in their 20s, which means many of these young men grew up hoping they could be Brett Favre one day (I find it almost strange that now these players have to beat up their childhood idol when they play against him). Sure, he is old by NFL standards, but I find something else that’s remarkable about him. Anytime one watches Favre on tv, he oozes enthusiasm. After being in the NFL for 19 years, one wouldn’t be surprised if Favre lost some of his love for the game. But it’s clear that he still loves what he is doing. Favre is just a great example of loving the life you have.

I wonder what it feels like to be so enthralled by what you’re doing in life.  It’s such an unfamiliar concept to me, but I’ve come to be able to appreciate how people like Favre live their lives. He just seems so excited to be where he is that I’ve come to root for him even though I have no reason to root for a team in Minnesota (Of course, my #1 support during these playoffs go to Peyton Manning).

So, I may not ever earn the salary that Brett Favre makes or make a living throwing balls, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to want to someday find that constant enthusiasm in my life, just like Brett Favre.


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