ECT #26 (my 11th maintenance treatment)

Wow. Have I really had 26 ECT treatments? It’s an odd feeling to realize that it’s been over an year ago since I first started having electroconvulsive therapy. I usually only sit around with one other person in the waiting area, but today, there were about five of us sitting around. It’s always interesting how I seem to be the youngest kid. I wonder exactly what the median age is of the ECT patients.

It’s also interesting to realize what I end up forgetting after the treatment. Today, I thought today was sometime in October and then I realized that it was only February after I looked at my calendar. I also always seem to forget what time I usually have class. I know these things come back in time, but it’s a good thing that I write a lot of stuff down. Otherwise, it’ll certainly take me a while to recall these things.

Despite the headache (which seems to be going away after taking some lortab), I’m just glad to be feeling better after the little spark. Dr. F asked me today if I have trouble keeping my mood up during the winter, but I think it really has more to do with the month of February than anything else. I told him about the February suicide attempt that happened seven years ago. Anyway, the next ECT is scheduled for one month later. Let’s hope this spark keeps me upbeat for the next four weeks.


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