An Interview with Carrie Fisher

For bp magazine’s fifth anniversary issue, this month’s  magazine features an interview with Carrie Fisher.

a little excerpt….

Do you have a wellness regimen that you follow in New York?

CF: Well, I am usually exercising but that’s gone by the wayside recently, since we did [the show in] Seattle, which was five or six months ago. I sleep late and I have to get to the point when I go to the gym again. I try to eat something to give me stamina, I do acupuncture, vitamins, medications, and probably I’ll have an ECT [Electroconvulsive Therapy] treatment soon.

bp’s readers have had an extraordinary range of success to failure with ECT, but it works for you.

CF: Yes, and I wish I had done it sooner. I waited for the reasons that most bp people wait, because I thought that it was the same thing that was in the Jack Nicholson movie [One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest]. Any example of it is negative. In the show, Next to Normal [currently on Broadway], there is this ECT thing where she [the main character] comes home from treatment and says to her daughter, “and you are?” That also feeds the stereotype. I am probably going to continue the ECT and I’m meeting with someone here in New York next week.

Are you confident that what you will get in New York will be the same treatments as what you’ve had in LA?

CF: No, not necessarily. The guy that did it in LA recommended this person. One would hope that there is nothing to worry about. You have to overcome a lot to do this to begin with.

I read what you wrote about ECT and I know that you loved it. Do you feel that ECT was what pushed you to be at the productive level—the consistent level that you are at now?

CF: I was doing the show already, but I was in a depression. One of the great things about ECT was that I don’t remember the depression well, but it was a bad one, a bad one, and I was still performing.


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