hello, goodbye

A friend had reminded me just the other day to smile because March is just around the corner, and I actually had forgotten that the end of February was so near. We’ve come to the last day of February, and I appear to be unscathed and ready to finish this month. From all the worries I had in the beginning of this month, how did this happen?

I guess I have to thank ECT and especially EMDR. I can honestly think back to February 16 and be okay with it. I understand that I can still remember what happened seven years ago, but I feel ready to let go of all the shame, sadness and darkness I had attached to that event. I find that I’m telling myself, “I’ve made it through that time, so it’s time to move on.” It’s a surprising but a refreshing feeling to have all that angst settled. What a relief. (And this may be a sign that EMDR is working for me.)

So, here it is. One more day left in the month of February. And like my friend told me, I’ll be smiling my way through it, and hopefully for days to come.

I’ve made it!


One Comment to “hello, goodbye”

  1. congrats yumers. i’m very proud of you and feel lucky to count you as a friend. i look forward to seeing you on tuesday and maybe having a drink or seven…

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