Self-diagnosis of bipolar disorder rises

AFP: Rise in self-diagnosis of bipolar disorder: research.

According to the study published in The Psychiatrist, the rise of people self-diagnosing themselves as bipolar is as a result of celebrities becoming more public about their diagnoses of bipolar disorder.

I suppose that’s all fine, but do these people know exactly what it means to be diagnosed as bipolar?

Btw, here’s an online self-diagnostic tool.


4 Responses to “Self-diagnosis of bipolar disorder rises”

  1. hi, i was told recently by my psychiatrist that its “very likely” I have bipolar disorder and that he is going to start me on mood stabilizers he also said he’s concerned about me lapsing into another manic episode. I was originally diagnosed by my psychologist with major depressive disorder and the only reason i was referred to the psychiatrist was because i told my family doctor about the other symptoms i had which weren’t consistent with major depressive disorder.
    my family and friends have implied that all my research has caused me to think I have bipolar. I was aware while researching of the risk of self diagnosing so i just expressed my concerns of my symptoms and my research to my doctor and psychiatrist and they both seem to agree.
    its very hard for me to try and explain to my family what the mood stabilizers are for and to explain bipolar when it feels like they think its just in my head.. any advice?

  2. Hi there. I recently started a bipolr blog and was wondering if you would exchange links with me? I would like to build a a community of support and information. Thanks. My blog is:

  3. Sure. Thank you for linking to my site.


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