recharging my batteries

Have you heard that phrase “recharge your batteries”? I’ve never thought much about it, but it actually has a lot of relevance to ECT patients. The amount of electricity that’s sent to the brain during electroconvulsive therapy is 800 milliamps, the same amount of current that comes out of a 12-volt battery. Yup, the energy it requires to power our cell phones can cause that seizure.

So, while many people go “recharge their batteries” by going on a little vacation or taking a relaxing walk, I get to literally go recharge my batteries by getting ECT tomorrow (It was originally supposed to be on Friday, but it got moved). For something I’ve done 26 other times, I can already feel the anxiety building up. “Sure, I can do it tomorrow,” I said, as if it’s a lunch date that needs to be moved. On the outside I act as if it’s just another thing on my ‘to do’ list, on the inside I can feel that it is still a big deal to me. But I guess it would be a bit odd if I didn’t feel some nerves before the little spark.

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