ECT #27 (my 12th maintenance treatment)

Another day has come for my ECT. Mother is in the country, so she had to take me to the hospital today.

As I was getting on the elevator to go to the ECT floor, I ran into a bunch of patients who were coming down for breakfast. I thought about how that has been me a few times. Because I’m writing that paper about ECT for a class, I tried to pay attention to little details, like what the waiting and treatment room looks like and how they prep me for the little spark, but when the main side effect is memory loss, it’s really hard to recall much of what I observed.  Nothing unusual to report, except they now make us wear a nose oxygen cannula (that nose air line thing) before we begin the procedure.I really felt like I was having a major medical procedure with that thing on. I do remember someone next to me going through ECT while I was waiting. It was interesting to watch since his attending psychiatrist just walks in to room, barely talks to the guy, and after he pushes a few buttons on the ECT machine, he leaves as soon as the seizure stops. I’m not even sure if that doctor was there for a total of five minutes–which he will be billing that patient for at least $200.

My doctor, Dr. F, had on a nice brown sweater today. Usually, he has on a suit, but he looked much younger with that sweater on (I’ve been told he’s in his 70s). He talked to me a little while and asks me how I’ve been doing, eating, sleeping, etc.  He sensed that I looked a little nervous today. Before we began, he kindly said to me, “Let’s just get it over with.”

After the ECT, Thomas, one of the staff members, told me to have a good rest of spring break. I had to ask him, “when is my spring break?” He looked at me and said, “Your spring break is right now.” It took me a while to even realize exactly what time of the year it is. I had a good laugh.

Another ECT down. Another one to go in a month.


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