March Madness

Sometimes, the thing that should keep your mood afloat and balanced can be the one thing that will drive you crazy.

We have all been informed that health care costs in the United States is rising at a rapid rate. And my health insurance company has kindly sent me a little letter letting me know about this situation.  Apparently, because of “rising health care costs,” the company is increasing the rates  of my health insurance to $432 per month. That’s right. I am still in my 20s (at least for another month), and it costs over $5,000 a year for health insurance. At such rate, what does this insurance cover?  Well, since I’ve already maxed my lifetime maximum for mental health care ($3,000), the insurance doesn’t even cover any of my psychiatrist appointments or ECT. You may be wondering why I am still getting insurance from this company. It still costs me less to have their prescription drug coverage seeing that some of these meds cost quite a bit without insurance. Of course, even this coverage is projected to run out in the months to come.

I know the situation could be worse; I could totally lose my insurance. But this is still ridiculous. All I want is to get better, but the cost of health care makes me think twice about getting treatment. Is it really worth this price?


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