don’t quit your meds

I am all curled up on the couch. I haven’t written in almost a week, which may be the longest I’ve gone without writing in this journal. I also haven’t taken any medication in about a week (well, except for ambien). And I am really paying for this (in)action.

My schedule’s all screwed up. I’ve stopped doing any schoolwork, because I can’t get myself to do any. I didn’t even make it to my class on Thursday because I spent the entire day not being able to get out of bed except to shove food in my mouth. I don’t feel emotionally depressed yet, but my emotions feel dead. I have really screwed up. And even when I do get back on my meds, I don’t know if I’m going to get back to to the state where I had finally found myself.

I did get to my appointment today with Dr. L, my therapist, and Dr. L said this is just a hiccup. After all, it’s not even been a week since I quit my meds and that it shouldn’t take too long to get back to the norm. I really hope she’s right.

2 Comments to “don’t quit your meds”

  1. why stop your meds? Where they bad ones? I take adderal and xanax for mental problems (obvious) and I want to stop but was told by every person from doctors to nurses and everyone in between I could kill myself. I need to taper down or go to a hospitalized detox. Thats pretty knarly considering the fact I did not know what I was taking and what the outcome would be had I chose to stop. You may want help from a doctor that deals with meds, and not a therapist. I have learned that therapists usually know little about rx. Although yours may but if you feel this bad still you may need to get a plan together to stop.*** Its been a while if you feel good let me know and how long you felt bad. If willing what meds did you take? I am trying but never thought I would be in this position.

  2. Well, I’m back on them now since I really did not feel good when I stopped them. I’m still not exactly sure why I stopped the meds. It did have something to do with the fact that a parent questioned me about when I’m going to get off the meds. It made me feel like I needed to not be on them. Next time (which I hope isn’t anytime soon), I’ll be sure to taper if I want to do this again.

    I’m under the care of both a psychiatrist and a therapist. My appointment with the therapist happened to come right after I stopped taking the meds.

    I’m taking: fluoxetine (prozac), concerta, bupropion SR, abilify, and ambien.

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