“Frankenstein Op”??

Still? That’s what UK’s “News of the World” called ECT. More accurately, they put it in their headline about this actress, Bev Callard, who suffers from depression and decided to go through “terrifying electric shock treatment…..,a scene of horror beyond anything TV scriptwriters could have imagined.” Callard has written a book about her experience.

I’m not discrediting how she chose to chronicle her ECT experience, but it makes me sad to read a first-person account that makes this procedure sound like how many people already imagine ECT to be like.

I know this “Frankenstein” comparison showed up in a trashy Sunday tabloid, but I think this is how people absorb these stereotypes and stigmas and accept them as reality. It may not be the responsibility of those of us who experience ECT to accurately describe the treatment (and again, I’m not saying Callard’s descriptions are incorrect), but it is something that is of importance to me.


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